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Yoga & Stand Up Paddleboard Yoga on Kos Island, Greece

There is no better way to look after your emotional and physical body than by practicing yoga. We are so busy and distracted in our daily lives that we spend most of our time in our heads, either going over the past or thinking about the future. In reality, the only moment that really matters is the present moment, that’s where it’s all happening! That is where we need to be, and that is where yoga will teach you to stay.

Join me for Yoga on Kos Island, Greece where I hold classes on the beach at my wooden shaded center with beautiful views to the ocean, as well as SUP Yoga classes on the water! We will work and stretch our bodies to release tension and build strength, leaving us feeling balanced and calm. Focusing on our breath and being aware of the sensations in our body will keep us in the present moment, where we can truly appreciate ourselves and our amazing surroundings.


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