What is Yoga

The word YOGA comes from the Sanskrit word yuj , which is often translated “to unite, to join, or to connect.” Yoga is an integrated system of education for the body, mind and spirit. Yoga is learning to come back to yourself. It’s finding your limits, expanding your boundaries, increasing your awareness, and being able to truly relax into your whole being. Through the practice of yoga you will be able to remember and appreciate who you really are … which you may have forgotten while being caught up in your fast-paced life!

One of the reasons yoga has grown in popularity over the years is that it really helps you to feel harmonious, integrated and complete. As you learn to find your centre in a yoga pose, you practice finding your centre in other areas of life. The work you do on your mat can translate easily into your day to day being. Through the practice of yoga you unite your physical body with your mind and spirit. As you open your body and mind with yoga postures and breathing, you become receptive to the rewarding and profound experience of inner stillness. From here you can approach life from a more grounded and calm perspective.


It is a wonderful tool for transformation both physically and emotionally.
It can easily change your life … both the way you look at your life and the way you live you life.

Yoga brings peace and healing.

My Yoga Journey

I have practiced yoga for some years now, on and off, but I didn’t really get serious about it until I was diagnosed with a chronic auto-immune dis-ease. That diagnosis took me on a journey of research and discovery about myself and my illness that I am still on today. The medical profession only treat the symptoms of the disease as there is no cure, so I took my medication and hoped that I would get better. I got worse. I got so sick that I could barely function, and I flew to Germany to see a specialist. He told me to stop taking the medication immediately. I was highly over-medicated. As soon as I stopped the medication I started to improve, and I vowed on that day that I would not take anymore medication but look for alternative ways to live with my disease.

My research helped me to understand that the main catalyst for me getting sick in the first place was a long period of (emotional) stress. Stress will always get you. If you don’t deal with your stress it will manifest in your physical body somehow, somewhere. That’s just a fact. All of my research led me to the same place – the only real way to properly deal with stress is through yoga.

Throughout my illness I have used yoga and meditation as a tool to support me and to help me cope. Yoga has helped me so much, and continues to help me in so many ways. I am much calmer. I can be more present and less reactionary. I can really hear and understand my body – and my stress signals – and react. I appreciate people and nature and life much more. I am not hovering on the outskirts … I feel like a real player in my life now! My body loves stretching and I feel good. I want everybody to feel good too!


Yoga can help us in so many ways to live a more balanced and present life.

Enjoy the journey! Namaste, Lynn

My Inspiration

Man today is sick because he thinks he is sick. Sickness and disease have no place in the life of a person who does not accept and tolerate the self-limiting thoughts which are the real seeds of our myriad ailments. We stand hypnotized by the belief that disease and illness are our fate and destiny, rather than health and bliss, which are truly our birthright and heritage. In order to emerge from our mass hypnosis and collective hysteria and to experience health, joy and creative fulfilment, we must make a systematic application of yoga in our daily lives – Swami Satyananda Saraswati

I truly believe that this disease is your body’s way of letting you know that you have to significantly change your life. Right now, the Graves Disease seems like a curse. But if you change your eating regimen and heal yourself physically and emotionally, then the illness may seem like a blessing: A major TEST that you had to confront and pass, if you were to survive as a human being.


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