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Yoga Classes – Beach Studio

Yoga Classes - Join me for yoga classes at my outdoor yoga shala just up behind the beach and directly next to our favourite place on the island TAM TAM!


My studio is a wooden shaded platform with wonderful views to the ocean, in a quiet set back area. There really is nothing like practising outside, with the sound of the waves and a sweet summer breeze from the sea. You will leave feeling open and relaxed, and much more connected to yourself and to your surroundings.



I hold classes in Hatha / Hatha Flow and Deep Stretch (Yin) Yoga, and I welcome all levels ... from pure beginner to advanced. I believe that yoga can help every-body,  and my classes are practical and uncomplicated.

You don´t need to be super flexible to take part in my yoga class. You don´t need to feel self-conscious or compare yourself with others. You don´t need to have any experience in practising yoga at all. You don´t need to wear a kaftan and dance in circles and chant !!

All you need is a smile and to be open to the beautiful experience. 

Different variations of the poses are demonstrated so that people can work within their own limits. I encourage people to go at their own pace, and rest whenever they may need to. We are not in class to push and strain ourselves but to listen and respect our bodies, quieten our mind and be in the present moment. There is absolutely no competition or judgement. You will find a friendly, open and welcoming vibe!

Classes are taught in English, but all of the asanas are fully demonstrated. Many different nationalities come to practise with me and we always find fun ways to communicate. Come along!


Yin yoga is a beautiful healing practice that allows us time to sit within ourselves, to just be still, and notice what the body and mind are telling us. We come into a pose supported by the floor, and hold the pose for 3 – 5 minutes, paying attention to our breath and sensations in the body. Yin yoga is amazing for opening up our hearts, calming our nervous systems, and providing a space for the body to deeply relax. It also allows us to wash away our fears and cultivate compassion and love for ourselves and others. Yin increases flexibility by stretching and targeting both the deep connective tissues between the muscles, and the fascia throughout the body. The practice is a beautiful way for those who have disconnected from their bodies to reconnect in a gentle, compassionate way. It is a truly perfect way to find space, to slow your mind down, and to regulate the body’s flow of energy. Practicing Yin allows you to find moments of absolute peace within yourself. While you may feel like you have not even broken a sweat by the end of the class, your mind, body, and spirit have been performing on a much deeper, more intense level, leaving you with a clearer mind, a lighter body, and a fuller heart.


After class you can pop next door for a fresh juice or smoothie, a healthy breakfast and why not some 'retail therapy' in the beautiful Tam Tam shop! The vibe is relaxed and friendly and the food and service will have you coming back again and again!

Yoga mats, blocks and straps are provided. Please bring a towel, drinking water and a smile!

Parking is available at Tam Tam with direct access to the yoga studio, or you can also reach us directly from the beach ... just follow the signs.

See the location in Google HERE


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