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Chakra Wear


My hand crafted chakra necklaces, bracelets, and ankle bracelets are made with Indian glass beads and glass cats eye beads, and are Reike infused to help to bring balance and harmony to your chakra system as a whole.

They are available for purchase in The TamTam Shop, at TamTam Beach Bar in Mastichari, or you can buy directly from me. Contact me for further information or to place and order.

Read on for further information about your chakras …

The Seven Chakras – Seven Windows to the Soul

Chakras are the 7 energy centers of which our conciousness is composed. They regulate the energy flow through our energy system and their function reflects decisions we make about how we choose to respond to conditions in our life. The chakra system forms a bridge that connects universal polarities: Spirit to matter, heaven to earth, and mind to body. They are stepping stones along that bridge, bringing the polarities into union. The chakras act as portals between the inner world of your experience and the outer world of your environment. When your chakras are aligned and open your mind and body work in harmony, making your actions more effective in the world, but chakras can also become blocked by long held tension and low self-esteem. When you take the time to remove blockages from within the chakras, your life-force energy flows in and out in a more harmonious manner and it becomes easier to relate to your environment and achieve your dreams.

  • If you feel stressed, anxious or depressed, focus on the Crown Chakra (WHITE)
  • If you feel indecisive, confused or lack trust, focus on the Third Eye Chakra (PURPLE)
  • If you need to let go of something, be more honest and expressive, focus on the Throat Chakra (BLUE)
  • If you have relationship challenges or boundary issues, focus on the Heart Chakra (GREEN)
  • If you experience fear, insecurity, money or work issues focus on the Solar Plexus Chakra (YELLOW)
  • If you feel stuck, are facing new challenges or fertility issues focus on the Sacral Chakra (ORANGE)
  • If you feel unsupported, vulnerable or experience grief, focus on the Root Chakra (RED)
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